Valley Women's Martial Arts

1977 - 2017

& Lotus Peace Arts

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Arnis Filipino Stick Arts

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  • Self-Protection, Movement Meditation, Peacemakers Programs, Poetry Workshops, and private/semi-private lessons offered by arrangement at One Cottage St. #319 and at other venues. Please contact us.
  • Our spacious, well-lit, accessible STUDIO is available to RENT.  Reasonable hourly rates -- please inquire. One Cottage Street #319, in the heart of Easthampton's Cultural District. 

Poetry, Curiosity, Movement arts

  • VWMA School Motto: Courage, Compassion & Generosity Through Movement
  • 15 instructors with 200+ years of martial arts training
  • ​Wheelchair accessible, Green-space, Consider not wearing scented products/ perfumes

Learn and practice health-enhancing skills and self-protection strategies


VWMA & Lotus Peace Arts offer introductory and ongoing instruction in movement arts, poetry, healing methods, and self-protection skills to participants of any gender, physical/mental ability, race, creed, ethnicity, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, and body size, regardless of ability to pay. Experienced black belts and advanced student teachers conduct classes, workshops, and special events at schools, social service agencies, community centers, medical facilities, and other organizations. These programs focus on safety strategies, empowerment skills, creative expression, healing, violence-prevention, feminist social justice issues, and positive actions for change and transformation.

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  • Next Leaders meeting June 23, 5:30pm
  • SPRING Fundraiser-Buy Farm Share Raffle tickets below!
  • SUMMER Picnic BBQ & Po-Kick-Athon,  June 10th
  • FALL "We Are Each Others Harvest" movement workshops,  Oct. 14      

Everyone is welcome


For the second year in a row, Mountain View Farm CSA has generously donated a Farm Share worth over $600 (feeds 2-4 people) as a fundraiser for our school! Tickets are 1 for $10, 3 for $25 and 5 for $40. You can purchase tickets here online or at the dojo. Tickets will also be available at the April 8th Spring Celebration. Winner will be drawn at the June 10th BBQ.

100% of the proceeds benefit our school. Thank you in advance. 

Visit Mountain View Farm CSA

Calling ALL VWMA Alumni! We want you to come to our 40th Anniversary celebration in October!                                                     Please contact us by email or phone. 

Tai Chi & Liangong


Power Girls & Karate Peacemakers

Karate &


All class and program fees on a full sliding scale basis: 
average monthly dues $50;

average per class $15
Annual Membership/ Registration Fee: $50 individual; $75 family

Shuri-ryu Okinawan Karate for Peace
Modern Arnis: Filipino Stick Arts
Jian Mei Healing Arts: Tai Chi & Qigong
Power Girls: ages 6-13
Peaceful Warriors: ages 6-10+, children and families
Self-Defense-safety strategies and empowerment skills
Movement Arts and Poetry