Truth School Workshop facilitated by Janet Aalfs

When: Sunday March 3, 3-5pm
Where: Edwards Church, Heritage Room, 297 Main St., Northampton
Who: Open to all, no particular poetic or
movement experience required, age 16+

...Ignite us, exquisite truth.
We sing you, shout you,
weave you, every breath, your fruit
abundant, your fearless seeds
we spread.
(from "Exquisite Fruit," by Janet E. Aalfs)

Every movement for social justice includes poetry and poets. Through creative use of language, in the process of working for good, we can acknowledge, affirm, and make useful the powerful transforming energy of words. In this workshop, in an atmosphere of unconditional positive regard, we will explore our own and others' poetic offerings. Through free writing, simple movement meditation, and openhearted sharing, we will weave a group poem in the spirit of resistance, persistence, and healing.

Celebrating the 900th birth anniversary of Sun Bu'er,
Taoist poet and Immortal Sister, 1119-1182.

Before our body existed,
One energy was already there.
Sun Bu'er
Universal Principle From Southern Africa
I am because you are
You are because I am
We are all connected through spirit
“Triple Ripple” movement meditation, Janet Aalfs and Ingrid Askew


When: Sunday, March 10, 2-4pm
Where: One Cottage St. #319, Easthampton
Who: Participants and Guests
What: Presentations, Progress, Celebration!

Don't let society mess up the way you view yourself. 
Your sexuality doesn't define who you are.
The way you dress doesn't define who you are.
The way you talk doesn't define who you are.
You are Beautiful! You are Unique! You are a Star!
You can be anything you dream of!
PVPA High School poem excerpt sung by Alexandria Fantastica

for Children age 6+ and Families
When: 4-week session, Mondays 4:30-5:30, March 11 & 18, April 1 & 8
Where: One Cottage St. #319, Easthampton
Who: Children & Families, ages 6-9 attend with a participating adult.
Session Fee: $40/individual; $30 each for 2 or more family members.
Scholarships available; please inquire.

These classes are designed to be fun for all ages, to build confidence, to encourage empathy, and to support and promote self-protection/self-care skills and strategies. Following the movements of animals and the elements of water, earth, wind, and fire, we create space in which everyone can excel in her/his own special ways. Karate and self-protection skills help to develop and strengthen social-emotional-physical competency in areas such as limit-setting and personal boundaries, calming down, speaking up, trusting feelings and instincts, being an effective ally, dealing with a safety emergency, setting a positive example for others, etc.

Please mark your calendars!
Your participation makes a positive difference. Thank You for all you do! 

When: Saturday, April 27, 2019, 11:00am – 1:00pm (main event)
            World Taiji/Qigong Day movement meditation for all, 9:30-10:30am
Where: One Cottage St. #319, Easthampton
Who: Members, Friends & Families
What: Fun, Learning, Sharing, Potluck Refreshments

Do: Tao, Natural Way + Jo: Place of Learning. As a nonprofit membership organization, it is our joy to celebrate the Dojo and its extended community twice a year, Spring and Autumn. At the Spring event, we enjoy highlighting progress through performances and presentations, and we conduct official business through a democratic process. Every person's unique contributions are highly valued.

Through the leadership of women these four+ decades, and intergenerational, cross cultural exchange with all who wish to engage in peacebuilding work, we have continued to transform our umbrella organization. At this juncture and in moving onward, VWMA's board of directors recommends starting a discussion with the membership about changing the Dojo's registered name (Valley Women's Martial Arts, Inc). The suggested goal would be to have a name that is recognizable, that reflects the Dojo's variety of offerings, including classes specifically for women and girls, and that welcomes people of all genders. Current most workable options:
Valley Martial Arts: women & all genders
Valley Healing Martial Arts: women & all genders

Hope to see you at this important event on April 27!
Warm Wishes from VWMA's Board of Directors:
Pam Westgate, Ann Vanderburgh, Rachel Jennings, Janet Aalfs.
Interim members: Isabel Brinton-Fenlason, Dana Hanson.

for adults and youth (introductory and all levels)

​For dates and times email Janet at jeaalfs7@gmail.com

at One Cottage St. #319, Easthampton, wheelchair accessible
age 16+    (Take one or more workshops)
Suggested donation: $15 per workshop ($10 youth); $50 for the series ($35 youth).

These workshops offer empowerment skills and safety strategies for participants of all abilities, fitness levels, and learning styles. Activities and discussions are designed to deepen and expand confidence, self-esteem, and feminist social justice awareness. Self-protection skills strengthen mind-heart-body-voice integration in areas such as limit-setting and personal boundaries, calming down, being an effective ally, dealing with a safety emergency, etc.

NWMAF Certified Instructor: Janet Aalfs, 40+ years of ESP teaching experience.

When: Saturday, April 13, 2019
noon-4:00pm; 11am-noon Taiji/Qigong for all

Where: One Cottage St. #319, Easthampton
Who: Members, Friends & Families
What: Presentations, Progress, Celebration! 
Drop-in for a short time, or stay as long as you like

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When: 5-week session, Wednesdays 4:30-5:45pm, March 13 - April 10.
Where: One Cottage St. #319, Easthampton
Session Fee: $50/individual; $40 each for 2 or more family members.
Scholarships available; please inquire
Learn practical self-protection skills for everyday use and for safety emergencies.These classes are designed to be fun, to build confidence,
to strengthen awareness, and to promote healing.
The activities are geared for beginners, as well as for those who
wish to review and renew self-defense strategies.