Florida Activities For Families: It’s More Than Just Disney

Florida has long been hailed as a haven for families and as a vacation hotspot, but just how much is there to do with children besides visiting Disney World? Luckily for parents, the Sunshine State offers families such a diverse range of activities and adventures that the only difficult part will be choosing what to do first.

Florida has much more to offer in addition to theme parks and Mickey Mouse ears. If you are looking to create some unforgettable memories with your children, you won’t want to miss these.

Blast Off at the Kennedy Space Center

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is a site of iconic and breathtaking living history, which makes it well worth a visit alone, but the visitor center will bring all the joys of outer space to you and your children. It offers such things as a simulated space flight with the Shuttle Launch Experience as well as having two IMAX theaters, tours of the spaceport, exhibits of historic space memorabilia, and much more. If your kids love science and space, it’s perfect.

Explore the Everglades

The Everglades National Park is one of the most unique environments in the United States, and this World Heritage Site should be at the top of anyone’s list while in Florida. The first national park created in order to protect a fragile ecosystem, the Everglades offers a chance to explore a subtropical wilderness unlike any other. You can easily visit for a day trip or take an easy bicycle ride along Tram Road, but for those who enjoy camping, the Everglades has 3 spectacular campgrounds. There are also family canoe and kayak trips through the flamingo marsh. Active families in particular will find the Everglades a real treat.

Snorkel in Key Largo

Just off the tip of the tropical coastline of southern Florida, the Key Largo area has some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world which offer a world-renowned snorkeling experience. There are several family-oriented tours that make the experience safe and fun for children and first-time snorkelers. The water ranges between a calm five and twelve feet deep, so young children can safely swim in these beautiful reefs and see a variety of tropical fish and sea turtles. They’ll never forget this amazing exposure to nature.

Play Ball

Families looking to explore the Gulf side of Florida may appreciate visiting during Spring Training. From Tampa to Sarasota, professional baseball teams shake off the winter blues and gear up for the 162-game marathon. Tickets are inexpensive and fans get to see their heroes close up. Players frequently sign autographs and ball handouts are commonplace. Plus, because the weather is usually favorable in spring, combining some ballgames with time at the beach is entirely possible.

These are just a few of the activities that your family can enjoy here. Whatever you are looking for -be it outdoor adventure, fun under the sea, or even the magic of the solar system- Florida can give your family the experience of a lifetime. Take time away from your office job, heavy equipment cat business, or other daily grind, and bring the kids to Florida.

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